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Dr. P. Ravi Kiran

10+ Years of Experience

Dr. P Ravi Kiran is a highly accomplished medical professional with a rich educational background and a deep commitment to promoting good health and preventing diseases. 


With an MBBS and MD from the prestigious Osmania Medical College, he has honed his skills to become a specialist in various fields of medicine, including Diabetes, Geriatric Care, and Hypertension. 

International and National Fellowships

Dr. Ravi Kiran is dedicated to expanding his horizons in the medical field. He is currently pursuing fellowships in Infectious Diseases, Geriatric Care, Rheumatology, and Pain Management. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that he stays at the forefront of medical advancements and can provide his patients with the latest treatments and therapies.

About Dr. P. Ravi Kiran

Dr. P Ravi Kiran's patients benefit not only from his extensive knowledge and experience but also from his compassionate and patient-centric approach to healthcare. His dedication to their well-being is unwavering, making him a trusted healthcare partner for individuals seeking expert medical care and guidance.If you're looking for a healthcare professional who not only treats your medical conditions but also guides you towards a healthier, more preventative approach to life, Dr. P Ravi Kiran is the practitioner you can rely on. Your health and well-being are his top priorities. He says that "Patients Trust me and that is the most Rewarding thing to me"