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Save Your Hip: Hip Preservation Techniques at Onus Robotic Hospitals

Save Your Hip: Hip Preservation Techniques at Onus Robotic Hospitals

Hip pain can be debilitating, limiting your mobility and enjoyment of life. But before considering a total hip replacement, there are innovative techniques available to preserve your natural hip joint. Onus Robotic Hospitals, a leader in orthopedic care, offers a wide range of hip preservation options to get you back on your feet and moving freely.

What is Hip Joint Preservation?

Hip preservation surgery focuses on repairing or reconstructing damaged structures within the hip joint, delaying or even avoiding the need for a total hip replacement. This approach is ideal for younger, active individuals who want to maintain their natural joint function for as long as possible.

Techniques for Hip Preservation at Onus Robotic Hospitals:

Onus Robotic Hospitals utilizes a variety of minimally invasive and advanced techniques to preserve your hip joint. Here's a closer look at some of the most common procedures:

  • Arthroscopy: This minimally invasive procedure uses a small camera and specialized instruments inserted through tiny incisions. Surgeons can diagnose and treat various hip problems like labral tears, loose bodies, and impingement through arthroscopy.

  • Labral Repair: The labrum is a ring of cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the hip joint. A torn labrum can cause pain and instability. Arthroscopic labral repair can effectively restore function and alleviate these symptoms.

  • Femoral Osteoplasty: This procedure involves reshaping the femoral head (ball) to improve its fit within the socket. This can be beneficial for conditions like femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), where abnormal bone growth rubs against the socket, causing pain and damage.

  • Hip Osteotomy: In some cases, hip misalignment can contribute to early arthritis. Hip osteotomy involves surgically realigning the bones to distribute stress more evenly across the joint and slow down the progression of arthritis.

Benefits of Hip Preservation at Onus Robotic Hospitals:

Onus Robotic Hospitals leverages cutting-edge technology and the expertise of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons to deliver the following benefits with hip preservation techniques:

  • Faster recovery times compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.
  • Preserves natural bone and joint function.
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility.
  • Reduced pain and stiffness.
  • Potential to delay or avoid total hip replacement.

Considering Hip Preservation?

If you're experiencing hip pain and want to explore options beyond total hip replacement, contact Onus Robotic Hospitals today. Their team of specialists will assess your individual needs and determine if hip preservation is the right approach for you. With advanced techniques and a commitment to patient care, Onus Robotic Hospitals can help you regain a pain-free, active life.

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